Aimo Share launches a Weekday Pass!

For those of you who want to use Aimo Share on weekdays as a good complement to other means of transportation, we have a good news! Now when the society is opening up again, we are launching a Weekday Pass, which gives you possibility to take 2 trips of 1 hour each, for all weekdays for only 1,499 SEK/ month. If you daily commute back and forward in Stockholm this is a super offer! You save both on the environment and get more in your wallet!

Download the app and get your Weekdaypass under My account and Mobility plans.

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What is Aimo Share?

Aimo Share is Stockholm's first electric free-floating car sharing service. Free-floating means that you can pick up and drop off the cars just as it suits you within our Homezone or at one of our +55 HotSpot parkings at good locations. See our Homezone and HotSpots here. All you need to drive the cars is the app. Aimo Share is an environmentally friendly mobility solution with only 100% electric cars Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4.

Who is it for? / Who can benefit?

If you are someone

• Who during weekdays, commutes to various places at a driving distance (work, shopping, trainings, sports activities, kids pick up and drop, meetings or any other)
• If you don’t own a car and need more alternatives to public transport, scooters or taxi
• If you own a car but don’t want to take it to the city and avoid expensive parking and tolls
• If you live close to one of our HotSpots to gain easy access to the car

Then this is definitely for you!

How does the Weekday Pass works?

You pay nothing beyond the monthly cost if your 2 trips per weekday are within an hour. How great? To get access to our Weekday Pass, you pay a fixed monthly fee of 1,499 SEK in the app. You can get your Week Day pass directly in the app, by following the steps below

1. Download Aimo Share App and click "My account" in the menu
2. Click "EDIT" on right side to the Mobility plans
3. Choose "Weekday Pass" and click "SAVE"
4. Your Weekday Pass is active if the billing date is shown

How much does a Weekday Pass cost?

You pay 1,499 SEK a month.

How long is the notice period?

The service has an ongoing agreement without any binding time. You pay an advance payment before you can start using the Week Day Pass. It is then automatically extended every month. You can choose to cancel the contract at any time. For example, if you start using the service on March 15 and terminate the agreement on March 31, you will not be invoiced after April 15.

What's included?

2 trips per day on weekdays of 60 minutes. As usual, toll fee, 300 free km per day and free parking is included in our +55 HotSpot parking’s. We take care of all service and washing of the cars.

Which trips does the discount apply to if I take, for example, 3 trips in one day?

The discount applies on weekdays on your 2 first trips during that day.

What happens if the trip is longer than 60 minutes?

You only start paying the minute price after 60 min. This means that you get a discount for the first hour on your 2 weekday trips. After 60 minutes the regular price will apply. For example, if you travel 120 minutes, you only pay 169 SEK for ID.3 and SEK 199 for ID.4.

Can I combine the discount with Credits?

No, you cannot use Credits on top of the discount or combine it with the HotSpot incentive.

Can Weekday Pass be combined with the Frequent User Program?

No, unfortunately you cannot combine these discounts.

Can you guarantee availability of cars?

No, because Aimo Share is a free-floating car sharing service we cannot guarantee that the cars are always available as they are constantly in movement, but you can check in the app where the cars are normally parked, so you know if our service matches your needs.

What happens if the trip ends the next day?

The discount is always deducted when the trip has ended. Which means that if you start your trip, for example, on a Sunday and end it the following Monday, the discount is deducted on Monday.

What happens if the trip ends the next day?

The free trip will be applied based on when the trip has started. Which means that if you start your trip, for example, on a Sunday and end it the following Monday, the free trip will not be applied on that trip.