How to use HotSpots
Rent a car from Arlanda to Stockholm

Rent a car from Arlanda with no deposit necessary

Rent a car from Arlanda airport to Stockholm for as little as 169 SEK.
A car can be picked up at Arlanda airport and driven into Stockholm, you pay for the time you have the vehicle. The car can be dropped of anywhere within our Homezone in Stockholm (See our Homezone here).

In Stockholm our cars can be left on the street where we cover parking (Read here to see which on-street parking areas we cover), in addition to being able to leave a car on the street you can leave it in one of our many parking facilities (See all our parking facilities here).

Take a car from Arlanda airport and leave it within our Homezone in Stockholm for no additional fee. 600km included in every trip.

Address for HotSpot is Fraktvägen 45, in Cargo City. Which is the Cargo Terminal.
Opening hours for Drop-off: N/A
Opening hours for Pick-up: N/A

Navigation for leaving with Car from Arlanda:
Pick up the car at Fraktvägen 45 at our Hotspot, then proceed along Södra Fraktvägen and take the first left turn. Follow the street and at the end turn right out through the open gate. After passing through the open gate go straight in the junction and proceed to the motorway.

Navigation from Terminal to Hotspot:
Head towards Sky City when you are in Sky City head down towards level 2 and proceed down to street level towards the buses. The Bus line you want to take is Bus 579. You want to take the bus to the stop “Gränsgatan” this trip takes around 5 minutes. When you hop off the bus at “Gränsgatan” walk down gränsgatan and take the first right. Proceed through the open gates and then take an immediate left. Walk along the road until you reach the junction at the end of the road. When you reach the junction take a right and walk around 100 meters more and the cars will be located at the signed spots.

Pricelist below:
Drop off at Arlanda / 120 SEK
For full pricelist click here

Important information! An SL bus ticket is required to get to or from the terminal to our HotSpot. Please observe these cannot be purchased on the bus. We recommend you use the SL app to purchase a ticket easily.

Here is the link for the SL app: