Blackeberg T-bana område (No Charging)

Hitta hit

Platserna är belägna i Blackeberg T-bana område (Gatuparkering).

Ej godkända parkeringar t.ex. förhyrd/Reserverad/privat eller Tim begränsad parkeringsplats.


Alltid tillgängligt, kontrollera gällande parkeringsregler och p-skylt.


Avsluta resan enligt gällande parkeringsregler/aimo regler.


The places are located close to the metro station of Blackeberg (Street parking).

Unapproved parking lots e.g. rented / Reserved / private or time limited parking space.

Opening hours

Always available, make sure that you follow the parking rules and p-signs.


Book the car in the app if the car is available and get directions to the vehicle through the app.


End the trip within given zone area and in accordance with the parking rules/aimo rules.