In what purpose do you use Aimo in your business?
Infinity Studio uses Aimo in all situations where we need to get a car quickly and perhaps more importantly, when we need to drop it off without any problems. We often drive our equipment to a filming location and then move on foot. When we are ready for the day, we pick up a new car and drive back to the studio. Not a thought of rental agreements, pick-up times, parking fees, charges or gas stations.

What is the main benefits?
Just one click to book. One click to end the rent. The invoice arrives at the end of months.

Has the current pandemic affected your way of commuting? If yes in what way?
During rush hour, I stay away from public transport and choose a car when I have short errands.

If you could freely choose an extra service from aimo, what would it be?
That private individuals can offer their own charging stations, in order to better penetrate residential areas and simplify charging (I can charge with me in Råsunda for example).