What is aimo?

aimo is free-floating car sharing service. Open the app, pick up a car near you, keep it for up to 48h. It is possible to keep it for a longer period however a pre-booking must then be made, click here to pre-book . Then park in any approved spot within our Homezone or at a Hotspot. You only pay for the time you use. No parking fee, no toll fee or charging fee (if you choose to charge at one of our hotspots). It is an easy and affordable way to get you from here to there.

How does it work?

aimo cars are located all around the city within the Homezone and at dedicated hotspots. You can find available cars by using the aimo App. Cars can be booked 15 minutes in advance, or you can simply walk up to an available aimo and start your trip. You start your trip through the aimo App and then you can drive anywhere, and keep aimo for up to 48 hours per trip, as long as you end your trip in the Homezone or at a Hotspot. You only pay for what you use, and are charged a low per minute, per hour or per day rate. If you want to make a stop during your trip but want to keep your aimo, whether inside or outside of the Home Zone, you can make a stopover by pressing the pause button in the app to lock the car. In a stopover, trip time keeps accumulating, but you know your aimo will be there when you get back. To end your trip, just park in any approved parking location within the Homezone or at a Hotspot and press "End trip" in the app. You pay for the aimo service from the time you open the doors in the aimo App until you end the trip in the aimo App and the doors are locked.

How do I become a member?

Simply sign-up by downloading the aimo App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions. To be able to become a member via the app you need to be 19 years old, have had a Swedish driving licence for at least one year and BankID. For you with a foreign driving license follow the instructions in the app for registration with a foreign license (you will find this when you press the “skapa konto” button underneath the “Kör igång” button).

Is there a Frequent User Program?

Yes, we have a Frequent User Program and if you have an aimo account and take trips the system will automatically reward you if you qualify as a frequent user. The more trips you take, the better discount you’ll get! At the first day of each month our system will count all the trips you’ve taken in the past month and you’ll be automatically added into the bonus level you qualify for. To stay at the same level or upgrade in the coming month, simply take enough trips! All trips taken with your private profile with a minimum length of 1 km and minimum 5 min are qualified. There are four levels: Base, White, Blue, Black. You end up at the base level if you drive aimo from time to time. The Base price is the same as usual. To get a discount, you need to take a white, blue or black belt in aimo-driving. Read more about our Frequent User Program here.

Does it cost anything to become a member?

It is free to become a member. You only pay for the time that you use Aimo! For the current prices please go to the price list here.

What is the Home Zone?

Our operation area is called the “Homezone” and covers a marked area in Stockholm city. This is where you can find the car, start and end your trip. You can view the Homezone in your app.

Where do I find the closest charging station?

In the app you can see all the charging hotspot where you can charge for free. If you do not have the opportunity to charge on one of our HotSpots, we recommend the Northe app to charge your Aimo. Northe has a nationwide network of charging stations and cooperates with most operators. In the app, you can see the nearest charging station, plan your trip for available charging stations and pay for charging directly in your mobile. Available on the App Store and Google Play. Note! This is not included in the price, charging by external charging hubs is paid for by the user. Aimo's customer service can not help with the external charging hubs or the app's functions. For more information on how to charge your Aimo with Northe see the link below:

What is a Hotspot?

A HotSpot is a parking with specific places reserved for aimo and in some cases you can also leave your aimo at any available spot. Here you can pick-up or drop off your aimo. In the app you can click on a HotSpot icon to see how many available vehicles there are and then you can also press "Show description" to get information on how to find/access the parking facility. Please Note! You can not leave your aimo at a spot which is reserved for another entity.

Can I bring kids in the car?

Yes! There should be an Axkid child seat in every car, this child seat suits children from the age of 4 years (weight between 15-36 kg). The cars are also equipped with ISOFIX fittings on outer rear seats and front passenger seat if you want to bring a child seat.

Can I bring pets in the car?

All aimo cars are pet free. Unfortunately, you cannot bring pets in the car out of consideration for other car users. If you chose to bring a pet in the car anyway, you will be charged an additional fee according to the Price List.

Is food allowed in the aimo?

Yes, but please clean up after yourself. Excess cleaning fees will be charged according to the Price List if a car is returned dirty.

Is smoking allowed in the aimo?

Smoking is not allowed in the cars due to safety issues and in consideration of other users. If you chose to smoke in the car anyway, you will be charged an additional fee according to the Price List.


For how long can I keep an Aimo?

You can keep an Aimo for up to 48h without having to make any booking with us. If you want to keep a car for a longer period than 48h you will have to make a pre-booking with us. click here to pre-book

Does it cost anything for the booking?

It doesn’t cost anything for the time you have a car booked. You start paying when you have unlocked the car.

How do I start the car and where is the key?

You can unlock your aimo that you've reserved or any available aimo on the street or at a hotspot using your aimo App. There is no key for our cars, when you have unlocked the car you just need to put your foot on the brake and push the 'start/stop' button. Because it's an electric car you won't hear the engine start, instead you will hear a small signal informing you the car is ready to go.

What do I do if the car I have booked has damages?

If you notice damages to the car before you start your trip please report these in the app you will receive an option to do this before you unlock the car for the first time.

What if I have lost or found an item in an aimo?

If you find an item left behind please leave the item in the glove box or the trunk depending on the size of the item and let us know by contacting our customer service. Please also give us a call to report a lost item, we will keep an eye out for it and let you know once it has been found. We keep all lost and found items at our office for 30 days. You can give us a call or email us to identify your lost item. And while we will do our best to keep your belongings safe, we are not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen in our cars.

There are no maps in the car.

We are working hard to offer you a wide selection of maps so that you can navigate easily with your aimo. Meanwhile we recommend that you use the navigation on your mobile. Thank you for your patience.


What happens if I damage the car?

If you have an accident with the car, please take pictures at the scene and call us as soon as you can tel: 010 456 39 39. Our cars are insured; however, please note that there is a deductible (Sw. vagnskadegaranti) that you might be liable to pay. If you are involved in an accident with another driver please be diligent to document the damage together with the other driver, in this case you might also be liable for an additional deductible (Sw. trafikförsäkring). The amount of the deductible is available through the Price List.

How do I disconnect a car from a charging station?

(ID.3) There is a light inside the charging hatch that will be either green or white. If the white light is on you can remove the charge cable without any problems. If the green light is on you need to press the lock / unlock button on the driver’s door and the light should then switch color to white. You can then remove the charging cable and put it in the trunk.

(Zoe) You can disconnect the cable from the car by pressing the switch located on the dashboard at the left side of the car’s steering wheel. To release the charging cable from the charging point, simply pull firmly.

What do I do if I have problems with the car?

Contact our support via tel: 010 456 39 39.

Can I drive outside of the Homezone?

Absolutely! You can drive outside of the Homezone, but you cannot end your trip before you return to the Homezone. As soon as you drive outside of the Homezone the car will inform you - via the voice system - and the light near the glove box will change from green to red. When you are returning to the Homezone the light will turn green again.

How do I charge a car at a charging station?

(ID.3) Push on the charging hatch in the left corner to get it opened. If that does not work there is a lock / unlock button on the driver’s door, push it and you can open the charging hatch by pushing on it. Plug in the cord and you are all set.

The charging cable is stored in the trunk. To connect simply follow these three steps: (1) Connect the black connector part of the cable in the charging point (2) If you are at a hotspot you simply plug in the cable. If you are using a public charging point at your own cost make sure to swipe your tag or start parking in the app if the charging is not for free. (3) Insert the turquoise connector into the car to start the charging.

What do I do if there is very little power left in the battery?

If the battery level should drop below 25 km when you are out driving, you can continue driving to a Hotspot and put it on charge. You can also charge at other charging stations. Before you drive off, check if there is a charging cable, Type 2 that enables charging at the charging station. If you leave the car with a range below +25 km / + 7% battery without putting it on charge, you will have to pay to move it to the nearest charging station If you do not have the opportunity to charge at one of our HotSpots we recommend the Northe app to load your Aimo. Northe has a nationwide network of charging stations and cooperates with most operators. In the app, you can see the nearest charging station, plan your trip for available charging stations and pay for charging directly in your mobile. Available on the App Store and Google Play. Note! Charging at charging stations in addition to HotSpots is paid for by the user. Aimo's customer service can not help with the charging station or the app's functions.

What is the range of a fully charged Aimo?

For ID.3, you get up to 420 km between the charges and for Renault Zoe, it has an average range between 200 km 300 km depending on the weather condition. The range will be affected when traveling at speeds above 90 km/h.

How long time does it take to charge a car?

Aimo cars have a battery of 58kWh for ID.3 and 41 kWh for Renault Zoe. Exactly how long time it takes to charge depends on which car you drive and how much the outlet/charger can give.

Most charging stations at the garages in Stockholm are today installed on 1-phase 16A with a maximum power of 3.7 kW. This means that you charge a battery full in about 18.5 hours for ID.3 and 11 hours for Zoe. Many charging streets and chargers at shopping malls offer 3-phase 16A, then you have a maximum power of 11 kW and charge a full battery in less than 6.5 hours for ID.3 and 4 hours for Zoe.

NOTE! Sometimes the chargers can be load balanced, which means that you get less power than what is indicated if other electric cars charge at the same time.

There are fast chargers along the highways/at selected charging streets. If you use fast chargers (CCS Combo 2), you can charge a full battery in less than one hour for ID.3. They also have an AC glove that enables 3-phase charging 32A, 22kW. Here you charge the car in less than 6.5 hours for ID.3 and 2 hours for Zoe.

Where do I find the closest charging station?

You can find our dedicated hotspots in the app, here you will be able to charge for free. If you find yourself in an area where there is no nearby hotspot, we would like to recommend you too check out this website: here you can find all the charging stations in the whole of Sweden.

What does “Park&Keep” mean?

“Park&Keep” is what you press when you want to lock the car but not end the trip. This is also the only option of locking the car you will have when outside of the Homezone since you can’t end your trip when outside of our Homezone.

Can I do a stopover?

You can easily park and leave your aimo after pressing the “pause trip” function in the aimo App. Please note that you continue to pay until you have ended the trip in the aimo App.

”limpmode” ID.3/4

ID.3/4 has a safety mode that is activated if the car falls below 1-15% battery. The car will then only be able to run at walking speed. This depends on the driver's own driving style and planning for charging/range. Remember to always have good margins for charging. To avoid this, the driver needs to plan his driving and ensure that the car's current range reaches the destination (also note that the range shown is an estimate and may vary according to driving style and road conditions)

Parking/Ending trip

How do I end a trip?

You press on the button “End trip” to right in the app. You will then receive a message that asks you if you are sure that you want to end your trip. When you have confirmed this the car will lock itself and then you will receive an email with a summary of your trip. You can also find invoice details in the app when you press “trips” in the app menu.

What parking rules apply?

Inside our Homezone, you can park for free and end your journey on the street if the street tariff is one of our approved tariffs or at a Hotspot listed in the app. These can be found on our parking page and homezone page. You will also need to make sure your car can park where you left it for at least 24 hours before the cleaning street falls. The car must be parked in accordance with the parking rules in force according to aimo share and the rules that apply to the location when you park the car during the trip or immediately after finishing the trip. Don't forget the P disc or write a note with the arrival time if you park in such parking during your trip. To see the detailed description of each Hotspot: press the P ->swipe up->select "view description.

Do I have to pay for parking myself?

No, we'll pay for the parking if you've parked your car in one of our approved taxs inside our Homezone or in a Hotspot available on the app. When you switch off your car, it will automatically pay to the tax you have parked on (It will not pay to any tax that is not approved by us). It is not okay to leave the car on a tax zone we do not cover even if you pay parking for the vehicle 24H ahead, it is also not allowed to end on a pre-rented spot.

Do I have to pay for parking when I’m outside of the Homezone?

Yes, if you find yourself outside of our homezone the car will not pay parking, so when this is the case you are responsible to pay for the parking.

What does your “24h rule” imply?

That you have to make sure that the car is legally parked on the spot according to the parking rules in force for 24 hours after you have parked it there. For example: Cleaning street in less than 1 day No you should not park, Cleaning day in 2 days Yes you can park. The car must be parked according to the parking rules of aimo share and the rules of the place were you park the car during or after the trip. Don't forget the P disc or write a note with arrival time if you park in such parking during your trip.

App function, payment & refund

The app has stopped working

If the app freezes, we recommend that you restart it. If you need further assistance, please contact customer service.

Respond time

When your aimo is in sleeping mode, it might take up to one minute before it responds. If it takes longer we recommend that you reinitiate the app. Thank you for your patience.

How do I pay for the service/what happens if a payment doesn’t go through?

Booking is free, you pay from the time you open the doors until you have closed them again (and ended your trip). When you create an account, you will enter your credit card details. Once you have completed a trip, aimo will automatically withdraw the amount from your card. Aimo will do 3 withdrawal attempts, if the withdrawal does not go through, we will send a reminder to your email, you can then either contact us and ask us to make a new withdrawal attempt or pay the reminder to us manually. If an invoice is not paid and the due date is expired the invoice will then become a reminder process in accordance with the interest act. You will receive a summary of your trip by email when you end your trip and a complete invoice (with VAT details) is available through the aimo App.

Price example for a trip with Aimo.

Price example for a trip with ID.3:
Example of prices for trips; 20 min: 140 kr (you are now close to the hourly fee but you are still paying per minute) 25 min: 169 kr (you have now reached the price for the hourly rate and pay no more until you come to the 59th minute of your trip) 65 min: 204 kr (you now pay 169 kr for the hourly rate + 5 min at the cost of 7 kr/min.) After 2 hours you pay 119 kr/h 3 hours cost: 457 kr. 7 hours 3 minutes: 949 kr (you have now reached the maximum price for a 24 hours period and won’t paying anything more until it passes 24 hours). You can find the price list in full here.

What is an aimo credit?

one credit is equal to 1 SEK and can be used for driving an aimo.

How do I apply a voucher/coupon?

Go to the menu and then press "credits" and enter the code. You need to enter the promo code before ending a trip if you would like for the amount to be deducted for that specific trip.

Can I refer a friend?

Share the joy of car sharing by giving your friend credits to drive for on their first trip. For every friend who signs up and takes a first trip using your code, you receive credits directly on your account. You can invite as many friends as you want. Under "free trips" in the menu you will find your unique code to share.

I forgot my username/password.

Please go to the login page in the app and click the “forgot password” link and follow the instructions.