Frequent User Program


Dear aimo friend,

We are happy to announce the introduction of aimo Frequent User Program! You will automatically be upgraded to a new level depending on how many trips you’ve been taken monthly.

How to get started: You don’t have to do anything! if you have an aimo account and take trips the system will automatically reward you if you qualify as a frequent user.

How to qualify? The more trips you take, the better discount you’ll get! At the first day of each month our system will count all the trips you’ve taken in the past month and you’ll be automatically added into the bonus level you qualify for. To stay at the same level or upgrade in the coming month, simply take enough trips!

What type of trips are qualified? All trips taken with your private profile with a minimum length of 1 km and minimum 5 min are qualified.

What are the levels and what is needed to reach each level? There are four levels: Base, White, Blue, Black. You end up at the base level if you drive aimo from time to time.
The price is the same as usual. To get a discount, you need to take a white, blue or black belt in aimo-driving. This is done through training (in this case take trips!). See below how many trips you need to take.

White – Congratulations! Now you got your aimo white belt.

You’ll get 3 % discount on all your trips. In order to reach white level you need to: 

  • Take 2 – 9 trips, and spend a minimum of 2 000 kr/month


  • Take over 10 trips, but spend less than 2 000 kr/month

Blue – Nice! You have upgraded to blue belt.

You’ll get 6 % discount on all your trips. In order to reach blue level you need to:

  • Take 10 -19 trips and spend a minimum of 2 000 kr/month

Black – Super user with black belt.

You’ll get 12 % discount on all your trips.

  • Take 20 trips and spend a minimum of 2 000 kr/month
  • Or take 2 trips and spend a minimum of 6 000 kr/month