Aimo Share levels up with a new and sustainable car fleet

The fully electric car sharing service that is here to stay – Aimo Share (previously known as Aimo) renews their whole fleet of Renault Zoe’s to the new Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 while simultaneously changing the brand. Aimo Share will have a more aligned structure with Aimo Park, who have joined as a group company through an acquisition by Sumitomo Corporation. With the new sustainable car fleet, as well as a stronger collaboration with Aimo Park, the company hopes to lead an important role in the future of healthy mobility in the city of Stockholm.

– We are happy and proud that Aimo Share has chosen our new electric cars ID.3 and ID.4. The interest in electric mobility is only increasing, not least in the big cities, and a car sharing service means that even more people get the chance to discover the benefits of an electric car. We will follow the investment with great excitement and wish Aimo Share the best of luck! says Sten Forsberg, director for Volkswagen in Sweden.

When the company was introduced to the market back in 2018, Aimo got off to a flying start. The key to the success is believed to have been the fully electric cars – people were becoming more aware of the importance of sustainability and were therefore happy to choose an EV car over a non-electric one. As we all know, this is a trend that keeps growing and for obvious reasons also needs to do so. The climate is in desperate need of more sustainable mobility solutions like Aimo Share.

– With the new fleet of bigger cars with longer range & shorter charging time, our customers will be able to travel longer distances as well as bring more family members or friends in the car, says the CEO, Takaaki Imamura. He also adds that the collaboration with Aimo Park and adding their facilities as dedicated parking spots for Aimo Share is another thing that will give the customers more flexibility and convenience when choosing Aimo Share. 

Aimo Share’s mission is to keep offering our customers the smoothest, most eco-friendly and flexible mobility experience for a sustainable city life. Our vision as a modern car sharing company is to be a key player in future cities with fewer cars, less noise and less CO2 emissions for a more sustainable and thriving world. Electric car sharing is the way into the future! Takaaki Imamura ends.


  • Aimo Share, previously known as Aimo, is an electric car sharing company launched in 2018 as Stockholm’s first electric car sharing service.
  • The company is owned and managed by Sumitomo Corporation, a successful Fortune Global 500 company with a long and steady history in Japan, who also owns Aimo Park – a modern parking company operating in the Nordics. 
  • The new EV car fleet of ID.3’s and ID.4’s will gradually be implemented from September 2021.

With ID3 you get up to 54 km between the charges and can quickly charge 29 km in half an hour and with ID.4 you get up to 51 km between the charges and can quickly charge 32 km in half an hour*, which makes both cars perfect for everyday use and longer trips outside Stockholm.