aimo gets you there.

Rethink mobility.

Rethink mobility. We’re here to make you transcend into the world of self-driving vehicles. Our vision is to merge the power of AI with the flexibility of cars. aimo simply exists to offer the smoothest, most ecofriendly and fun transportation experience. And even before driverless cars are a practical reality, we’ll connect you to a grid of effortless agility. We’re doing it by introducing Stockholm’s first electric car sharing.

We know that different occasions call for different means of transportation. Sometimes you need the subway, sometimes you just feel like taking a stroll, and many times you’re going to want aimo. aimo is a freedom maker. Whether you’re headed for the archipelago or just want to get to a meeting on time, we’ll be there to match you travel patterns. Sharing cars also means using them more efficiently, plus you don’t need to worry about changing tires or considering long insurance policies. Simpler, smarter and cheaper.

If going driverless is the next step, we’re already thinking about the next next step. Will cars still be cars in the future? Or are they, more likely, to become pods that alter everything we know about motion? Maybe you’ll cut your hair, grab lunch, or work out whilst traveling. Few things hold as much untapped potential as the mobility market, and all we know is that we’ve seen nothing yet. And that aimo will be there to constantly push limits.

Our background.

Aimo is backed by the well-established Japanese investment company Sumitomo. Dating back to the samurai era, Sumitomo has a long history of carrying out successful ventures. By being receptive to societal progress, and embracing change, they’ve grown into one of Japan’s biggest business conglomerates. Spotting the beginning of a new mobility era, Sumitomo and aimo have literally geared up to meet the new needs of Stockholmers on the go.